Wednesday, February 13, 2013


After working tirelessly, for years in Allentown, PA for the good of the people, I have finally seen where I need to be in order to make the best impact, on Allentown City Council. In the coming months, it is going to be a hectic ride. I have to obtain petition signatures, make speeches, meet people, go door to door, obtain money, make more speeches, go door to door, obtain more money, continue to meet people, and on and on it goes until I inevitably reach my goal. The problem is that some people are wary of my ideas. "Empowering the people? Teaching them self-sufficiency? Allowing them to have pride in themselves and the city? Giving them a voice? Allowing them to have a say in the political landscape? Preparing them for the future? That's crazy talk!" It's sad but true. Many would prefer alot of Allentonians to be quiet, be still, and believe they (the powers that be) know what's best for us. Some have even threatened me if I continue to run this race. 

They have e-mailed me, sent copies of their letters to the press, posted information about people close to me, and then threatened to reveal "something much worse, regarding your judgment, that could also get out"  
and I "really should withdraw from seeking a seat on Allentown City Council." (For the full information see the previous blogs posted on this site)

Now, in my mind, I have a duty to those "whose shoulders I stand on" to move forward; I have a duty to my family, your family, my children, your children, their children, and their children's children to move forward; and I have a duty to every man or woman who felt they had the inclination to represent and create a better city for everyone in Allentown, no matter what the cost, because in reality, there is "nothing to fear but fear itself." 

Embarrassment is nothing but a feeling that someone gets when something is revealed that they were trying to keep hidden, but unfortunately for those involved in this game of blackmail and intimidation, it's NOT happening with this man. Apparently, they have me confused with someone else!

They mentioned my lack of judgement regarding parking tickets and citations, which have been paid or are being paid, but while we are on the subject, let's add to the list so we can get it ALL out there:

Have I been late in paying taxes / bills or delinquent ? Sure. In fact, as an entrepreneur there was a time that I didn't know how I was going to pay rent or where my next meal was coming from much less pay on taxes, but I survived and I continue to pay debts and move forward.

Have I voted in every election ? Nope. On some days I worked so hard on my business I actually ran out of time and was unable to reach the polls. Do I regret it? Yes, because I believe voting is a right and a privilege and MANY people have DIED for me to be able to be involved in this political process. Yet, I, also, know MANY have DIED for me to be a businessman and to create the projects that I have in order to educate others and bring them into the fray. So, it is my duty to be the best man I can be, no matter what the cost and sacrifice.

Do I do business with felons, sex offenders, drug dealers, scofflaws and other criminals ? Yes. In fact, I had a partner in a past business called BLURB MEDIA who was a convicted felon. He came looking for opportunity and warned me of his crime which is listed on the PA Megans Law website. My problem is that I have been taught to give ALL people the benefit of the doubt and while most would judge those in a city with a prison in the center of it, I don't.  In fact, these men and women have paid their debt to society through years of imprisonment and I have been known to teach them event coordination, basic digital camera photography, promotions, marketing, and some basic computer skills so that they could obtain legal work or even create a legal business. My partner assisted me with great community events that enriched the neighborhoods, networked with Executive Directors, City Officials, the Mayor and his wife, and they all gave him praises for the positive influence he was having on the City. Our projects were seen by thousands and picked up by local television stations and publications. In fact, at this time, he is in the process of starting an organization entitled EX-CONS FOR CHANGE. Another associate has started a photography business in the Lehigh Valley and he recently obtained local office space because his work is in high demand it seems. Have they made mistakes ? Yes. But they are also becoming productive citizens of society which is what we all want and expect.

The reality is that there is NOTHING about me that is going to ever be perceived as part of the status quo when it comes to politics. And I am fine with this. And no matter what the newspapers, internet blogs, or other information sources report, my goal is to assist those who have started the process of raising Allentown from the depths and inspire the residents to help with the process. There are more than enough benefits and opportunities for everyone who choose to be involved and I plan to share as much information as possible so that the city and its people can move forward.  The People are the resource and need to be involved if this renaissance is going to truly happen.

Most may see a tired City with people who are tired of being ignored and tolerated or City Officials who may seem to be uncaring to the resident's needs, but I see an opportunity to bring it ALL together and show the world Allentown can be as great as it once was or even greater (a true International City) and that the Leaders of Allentown can be sensitive to the needs of the People....

It's all according to your PERSPECTIVE.